What does every organization and leader need to be concerned about?


Communications with their customers, regulators, partners, supply chain, media, industry and employees.\

At McLoughlin Media, we specialize in training executives and leaders at every level to master the skills necessary to excel in each of those communications challenges and environments. 

We have been doing it for over three decades. Established in 1984 by co-founders Barry McLoughlin (Harvard M.P.A.), President and Laura Peck (Dalhousie B.A. B.Ed),Vice President of McLoughlin Media, former broadcasters and communication specialists.

We have trained over 30,000 executives, political leaders, officials and professionals in over 5,000 organizations around the world, in our copyrighted training techniques. And we can do it on your site!

Every program - half-day or one-day or two-days in length - are customized not only to each organization, but to each participant. Your challenges. Your issues. Your way.

Our in-house customized training seminars include:

1. Encountering the Media®

2. Making Effective Presentations and Speeches

3. Appearance Before Committees

4. Risk and Crisis Communications 

5. Leading meetings

6. Handling conflict and resistance

Email Barry McLoughiin directly at mclomedia@msn.com or by telephone at 1- 613-698-7153 OR 1-613-230-9235 for a no-obligation proposal on how we can provide state-of-the-art communications solutions for you and your team.

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Vice President


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