Appearing Before Committees:

A half-day, one-day or two-day fully customized seminar to prepare participants to appear before Committees - Legislative, Congressional, Parliamentary or Regulatory. Designed for 1- 12 participants, utilizing actual issues relevant to the organization and tailored to each individual. Participants learn how to: prepare for a Committee appearance: opening statement, messages, anticipating questions and challenges; creating a tool set to help you before the Committee;how to deliver an effective opening statement; how to respond to a range of questions: personal opinion, hostility, political attacks, boxing you in etc.; how to utilize effective verbal and non-verbal techniques to convey confidence and credibility; how to deal with the media before and after your Committee appearance.

The focus of the training is:

  • To gain strategies and tools to help prepare successful appearances before the Committee including targeting key audiences, clear positioning on the issues, and honing messages
  • To understand and connect to the perspective, needs and priorities of the Committee Members
  • To develop and improve spokesperson confidence, credibility and delivery skills
  • To learn techniques for handling difficult questions or situations in the Committee appearance
  • To communicate effectively ? verbally and non-verbally
  • To learn the personal attributes of an effective communicator, and how they apply to Committee appearances
  • To learn verbal techniques to slow down the pace, vary the inflection etc.
  • To learn effective non-verbal mannerisms- gestures, body language, conveying confidence