Encountering the Media:

A half, one-day or two-day intensive media training program, in which participants learn:

Specifically, the goals include:

How to prepare media messages:

  • Positioning the issues persuasively
  • Framing your messages
  • Targeting your audiences
  • Preparing the sound bite/quote
  • Developing an interview strategy

Succeeding in a media interview:

  • Structuring your answers to stay in control of your message
  • Bridging over to your messages
  • Handling/deflecting difficult questions
  • Communicating confidence ? verbally and non-verbally
1. Interview simulations
Each participant is provided with a series of simulated audio or video recorded interviews, focused specifically on his or her responsibilities and issues. Extensive preparation by the instructional team of professional broadcasters and trainers, means that each participant is challenged in a realistic way.
2. Constructive feedback
Following each simulation, participants are provided constructive and specific feedback in three steps: first self-critique, secondly by a peer observor, and finally by the instructor. The feedback is recorded on audio or video DVD for post-seminar review by the participant.
Size of groups:
Ranging from a private coaching session to a small group of 10-12, the instructor-participant ratio is limited to a maximum of 6-1, in order to ensure maximum personal attention.

Encountering the Media is conducted for private coaching or small groups, or large conferences, the media seminars are tailored for either specific issues and/or for skill-building learning experiences.
McLoughlin Media has conducted over 3000 customized media training programs for over 20,000 executives in North America and around the world.