Making Effective Presentations:

A half-day, one-day or two-day completely customized seminar for 1 to 12 participants, focused on enhancing client presentations, delivering speeches or delivering a powerful presentation for employees, customers, stakeholders or Boards of Directors. Participants learn: how to prepare for a presentation or speech; structure, powerful messages, effective use of visuals; scripted or bullet-point text; how to open powerfully; how to connect with the audience; how to communicate with passion and credibility; how to use effective verbal techniques and body language to enhance delivery; how to handle audience questions and challenges.

The focus of the training includes:
  • How to deliver effective presentations ? verbally and non-verbally
  • How to establish a highly credible relationship with the audience from the first moment
  • The personal attributes of an effective communicator, and how they apply to presentations, meetings and inter-personal communications
  • Verbal techniques to slow down the pace, vary the inflection etc.
  • Non-verbal mannerisms ? gestures, stance conveying confidence
  • Handling (bridging and deflecting) difficult or hostile questions
  • Communicating sensitive risk issues and/or in times of crisis
  • Tips and techniques to minimize nervousness and build confidence