Order the IABC Award-winning Communicate with Power® series of handy pocket tops booklets! Each with over 130 pages packed with easy-to-use strategies, tactics and tips on how to communicate more effectively through the media, in communicating 'risk' issues and in emergencies or crises.

         1. Encountering the Media®: Media strategies and techniques

In this latest edition, you will learn:

How to develop a media strategy

  • how to structure your answers: The McLoughlin Wedge®
  • How to bridge over to your messages
  • how to handle a variety of media interview formats:
    • ​'live' radio studio or telephone interviews
    • print interviews
    • social media/Skype® interviews
    • face-to-face TV interviews
    • 'double-ender' interviews (TV)
    • on-air TV 'panel' interviews
    • 'scrums' and 'ambush' interviews
    • news conferences
    • editorial boards
  • how to convey confident body language  

2. Overcoming Panic and Fear: Risk and Crisis Communications [130 pages)

In this latest edition, you will learn:


  • the nature of 'risk' and how to communicate it - in pandemics, economic and employment disruption
  • how to communicate 'risk' messages - to raise awareness, take action and avoid panic
  • to develop a risk communications strategy
  • use of social media to engage on risk issues in a credible way
  • communicate on-line, Skype®, FaceTime® and virtual platforms
  • handle employee and community relations


  • how to avoid turning an incident or emergency into a crisis of confidence in your leader or organization
  • how to get in the driver's seat of a crisis
  • how to handle media relations in a crisis
  • how to prevent the issue from escalating
  • step-by-step crisis communications strategy
  • handling crisis media interviews, media briefings
  • use of social media in a crisis

​PRICE FOR EACH POCKET TIPS: U.S. $20.00 USD + $3 S+H; Canadian:$23 CDN + $3 S+H + HST (13%) extra.

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